Promise Ring Engagement and Differences

Promise Ring Engagement and Differences

Is a promise ring and engagement ring the same? Can engagement ring be worn after marriage? There are many questions about the meaning as well as how to wear promise ring engagement ring wedding ring.

Commonly, for the definition and difference, it can be simpler but at the fact, there are many couples still confused about the definition as well as the right ring design that is used for promise ring, engagement and wedding as the ring should be different based on the subject. Here is the explanation you need to know.

If you understand the meaning or definition of promise ring engagement ring wedding ring, you will get the right option for selecting the ring design. And let’s start with the promise ring first. Promise ring is also called with pre-engagement ring. It is the ring to symbolize the promises of the couple to get engaged.

And basically, they will tell everyone that they are off the market. The right ring for this promise ring is usually small and thin. Sometimes, it also has small diamond for about not more than 1/10 carat.

Promise Ring Engagement Ring Wedding Ring

Then, let’s continue to the meaning of engagement ring from this promise ring engagement ring wedding ring explanation. Engagement ring is defined as a ring that is given when a couple promises each other to marry. This can be a sacred moment to give the ring before the marriage. The ring is usually made of gold or white gold. And it has large diamond or solitaire or with beautiful three stones. This ring is worn in your left finger. This is for the engagement ring.

And for the wedding band, it is a plain gold band or a ring or band that looks same or even more expensive and awesome than engagement ring as this ring will be worn at the wedding day and it is part of the ceremony of a wedding. It will be worn for both bride and groom. It is worn on the left finger together with engagement ring or you just wear the wedding ring only. That is the different meaning, how to choose and how to wear promise ring engagement ring wedding ring.

However, each country or culture may have their own tradition or culture about promise ring engagement ring difference. And this explanation or definitions and traditions above are from western culture. So, it is good to know the meaning and how to choose and wear promise ring engagement ring wedding ring based on your tradition or culture so the meaning of the ring can be more precious when it is worn.